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Sell Us Your Used, Surplus, Refurbished IBM Parts. We buy nationwide!

IBM-Lenovo Computer Parts866-666-0340 Sell Your Surplus Computers

Golden Surplus: California wholesale liquidator / buyer of IBM peripherals, hard drives, tape drives, Floppy drives, notebook drives, processors, system boards, LCD's, batteries, new, used and refurbished equipment. Wholesale dealers, companies sell us IBM parts or laptops submit your equipment for bid*Please note: we buy nationwide!

Golden Surplus offers IBM Liquidation lots to requested subscribers of our mailing list. We buy and offer these subscribers: large volume lots of IBM PC parts including Batteries, CD ROMs, CDRWs, DVD CDRWs, DVDs, External Hard Drives, Fans, Floppy Drives, Hard Drives, Keyboards, Manuals, Memory, Network Interface (NIC), Power Cords, Power Supply, Processors (CPU), Speakers, System Boards, Video, Sound and Other Cards, Zip Drives, Tape Drives, and Other Storage.

IBM SCSI "White Label" Hard Drives 36 GB

Best Offer

e-mail bid
(Qty:155) no warranty / Used Pulled Clean/ Tested Working / Discovery Speed 10000 80 Pin SCSI
Model 07N4232
IBM SCSI "White Label" Hard Drives 36.4 GB

Best Offer

e-mail bid
(Qty:75) no warranty / Used Pulled Clean/ Tested Working / Discovery Speed 10000
Model 07N4261

Check Out Super Prices On ThinkPad T23 Laptops, IBM G40 Off-Lease and more laptop deals

Sell Us Your IBM Laptops


Sell Us Your IBM Servers


Sell Us Your IBM Desktop

IBM ThinkPad A/T-Series


IBM X-Series


IBM NetVista PC
IBM ThinkPad X-Series


IBM Blade Center


IBM ThinkCentre PC
IBM ThinkPad R-Series


IBM Netfinity


IBM WorkPad


IBM Storage


IBM IntelliStation


Sell us your IBM Surplus equipment:

5.25 IBM Floppy Drives 3.5
IBM Floppy Drives
IBM Hard Drives
IBM Tape Drives
IBM SCSI Controllers
IBM Tape Controllers
IBM In/Out Controllers
IBM Keyboards
IBM Memory Expansion Cards
IBM Mice
IBM SVGA Monitors
IBM VGA Monitors
IBM Motherboards

    IBM Network Cables
IBM Network Hubs
IBM Network Print Accessories.
IBM Network Workstations
IBM Notebook & ThinkPad Parts
IBM Power Supplies
IBM Printer Parts
BM Printer Supplies
IBM Printer Ribbons
IBM Printer Toner
IBM Dot Matrix Printers
IBM Processor Boards
IBM Processor Upgrades
IBM Video Cards
IBM Point of Sale POS Equipment.




We specialize in providing asset recovery, used computer liquidation, network equipment buyers to California cities.

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