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• Apple • Compaq • Dell • Fujitsu • Hewlett Packard (HP) • NEC • IBM ThinkPads • Toshiba • Gateway Refurbished Laptops

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• Printers • Network Cards
• Controllers • Video Cards
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• Motherboards • Multimedia

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• 3Com • Cabletron / Enterasys
• Cisco • Extreme • Foundry • Juniper • Larscom • Lucent • Marconi FORE
Routers  • Switches

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• Digital Cameras • Web Cams
•Home Appliances • Home Video - VTs • IPods • VCRs • Home Audio • MP3 Players
• Cellular Phone • Cellular Accessories

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• Data Acquisition
• Frequency Counters
• Function Generators
• Logic Analyzers
• Spectrum / Network Analyzers
• Oscilloscopes
• Power Meters and more...

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Liquidators Computer Asset Recovery Services

doller stretcher liquidation merchandise - California Wholesale Liquidator of computers, servers, notebooks, software,California Wholesale Liquidator of computers, servers, notebooks  & software

We purchase large quantity volume , bulk, pallets, or truckloads of computer and network surplus.
B2b, Business, Corporate ONLY Liquidator, Computer & Network Gear Buyer.

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Liquidators Computer Asset Recovery Services Golden Surplus

Who we are:
Golden Surplus is a information technology disposition, liquidation, asset recovery company specializing in the redeployment and recycling of used computers, used laptops, used CRT monitors, used servers, all networking equipment, telecom and related peripherals. Golden Surplus offers disposition solutions for U.S. companies removing existing technology. We strive to assist organizations in addressing the environmental risk associated with information technology reuse, recycling, and disposal.

Golden Surplus specializes in asset remarketing and sell new, overstocked, used computer and network equipment at wholesale discounted prices to secondary market buyers. Our clients  range from large businesses, corporations, manufacturers, retailers and distributors facing maintenance, life-cycle management issues and removal of new and used excess equipment.

Most manufacturers, retailers and distributors occasionally have excess merchandise, discontinued products, customer returns and overproduction surplus. We offer an online marketplace that attracts both a buying and selling audience ensuring the highest exposure for excess, surplus, overstock and liquidation products to get sold.


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Our inventory comes to us from corporate customers, closing businesses, schools, government agencies, retailers and consumer electronic stores. This excess equipment is then quickly flipped, sold to eager buyers, exporters and dealers of new or used computer hardware. We are not a retail store front for individual sales. Liquidation equipment is available for viewing  by appointment only.

Our buyers & sellers are made up of asset recovery / asset management companies, information technology service providers, product distributors, manufacturers, computer retail resellers and dealers. We will buy most corporate off-lease computers, used laptops, desktops, servers, used Cisco, networking hardware and much more (all in large quantities). Sell us your computer inventory. Email us at  or call: 1-866-666-0340 FAX: 714-777-9811- 866-666-0340.

Used computer surplus liquidation, overstock closeout and disposal services.

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Please note: We have vast network of computer buyers and have companies within our umbrella that specialize in different areas of technology liquidation and recycling services; allowing us to better serve our customers nationwide. Manufacturers, importers, retailers and wholesalers convert surplus assets into cash. Find-out the value of your assets. Sell your excess, obsolete inventory to Golden Surplus; give us a call!  

Sell used computer hardware liquidation network technology assets

We liquidate computers and networking equipment if your downsizing or upgrading. We specialize in remarketing distressed corporate equipment from Chapter 11 / Chapter 13 or Chapter7 Bankruptcy plus End-of-life (EOL) asset retirement, liquidations and asset recovery. Some debt creditors inherit IT equipment as a payoff for monies owed. That's where they utilize our liquidation services to recover capital from those assists.

Our specialty: business asset liquidation, large and small of excess and obsolete. Golden Surplus liquidates new, used, PC workstations, networking equipment, servers end of life PC and Mac hardware. Serving distressed firm's or going out of business stock, downsizing excess and obsolete inventory electronics (removal) as a nationwide liquidator.   We work with recycling and reclamation partners nationwide as part of our full-service offering to our customers.


We specialize in providing asset recovery, used computer liquidation, network equipment buyers to California cities.

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Sell Used Cisco Routers / We Buy Used Cisco Switches - California Network Liquidators


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