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Sell Used Cisco
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Liquidators Computer Asset Recovery Services

Wholesale Computer Monitors, Used, Surplus, Refurbished
FREE pickup in anywhere in California! 

We buy and sell refurbished computer monitors with brand names like DELL, IBM, COMPAQ and more. We are looking for tested, AS IS and untested monitors in Bulk quantity for our clients. We will refer you to a recycle partner when we we are not able to reuse for safe environmental purposes. We sell to companies that have facilities to repair and reuse these monitors. sell us your OEM excess, surplus, or obsolete LCD monitors.

Nationwide Buyers of Bulk, Large Lots, Used Monitors!

Planar 19" Flat LCD Monitors 180 in qty $60 each take all lot  California

Surpus LCD Monitors

180x Planar 19" Flat LCD Monitors, Used power on tested working $60 each take all lot
Suha (818) 254-9297
17 inch CRT Monitors 1225 in qty $ 50 each take all lot  Central State

Qty 1225      IBM 17" Flat CRT Monitors, Beige, model TC170H,  part # 31P9658, made by LG Electronic for IBM, IBM name on the monitor and box, Date codes 2002 and 2003, BRAND NEW Sealed never been opened.

Suha (818) 254-9297

Dell CRT Monitors 600 in qty $22 each take all lot  FOB: Anaheim, CA.

bulk lots monitors wholesale liquidator

17” Regular CRT Monitors , Tier 1, Dell Compaq HP…, mix brands, off lease used , complete with bases and data cables, majority 2001+.

Suha (818) 254-9297
IBM 18" Flat LCD Panel 800 PcsOffers excepted   FOB: Anaheim, CA.

04N7404, some  04N7405 and 04N7406 IBM LCD Monitors Liquidation

170 Pcs  majority model: 04N7404, some  04N7405 and 04N7406, 3rd party refurb, IBM OEM Box, some in Original IBM Box, mint condition

Suha(818) 254-9297

We have ongoing need for 17inch LCD monitors Grade A / B tested working.

We buy volume LCD Flat Panel Displays. All major OEM manufacturer brands:  Sell us your Digital, NCR, IBM, Supercom, Memorex Telex, Panasonic, Ambra, AOC, Dell, Honeywell, MicroScan, NCR, TTX, ViewSonic, Compaq, Daewoo, DataTrain, Mitsubishi, Samsung, CTX, Samsung SyncMaster, Nec, Philips, MAG, Ssupermac, Hewlett Packard, Supercom, Sony, AST, Supercom

We will pay 15 inch - 17 - 19 - 20 inch. We Pay Top Dollar for large lots, pallets, containers.

We seek large lots, pallets and container loads of computer monitors that are working only. Submit your Grade A tested and untested LCD monitors. Pulled from working environment. Mixed Brands, mixed date codes 98 and up. No screen burns, no scratches, no breakage, no yellow. Must include tube and bezel, all power cords as well as the swivel bases.

CRT Monitor | LCD Backlight | LCD Part | LCD Monitor | LCD Panel | Buy CRT Monitors

Recycle, Dispose or Sell Your Surplus CRT LCD Monitors

LCDs - 14"/15" LCDs with TV Tuner CRTs - 17"
LCDs - 17" Monitor Accessories CRTs - 19"/20"
LCDs - 18"/19" Touch Screen Displays CRTs - 21"/22"
LCDs - 20" or greater TVs CRTs - 15" LCD


We buy used monitors for wholesale resale and international export. Our buyer consist of refurbished, wholesalers, EBay wholesale power sellers, overseas exporters. The manufacturer brands we are interested in purchasing include: Compaq, Hp, IBM, Dell in bulk, large quantities and container loads, second hand, closeout monitors, surplus monitors, working monitors for recycling and LCD parts.

No need for disposal of working monitors utilize our liquidation asset recovery services for overstock, static, anti-static, remarketing, off lease, Acer Screen (LCD Display) Apple Screen (LCD Display) AU CD / Display) Chi Mei Screen (LCD Display) Chung Hwa (LCD Display) Compaq Screen (LCD Display) Dell Laptop (LCD Display) Fujitsu Screen (LCD Display) HannStar Screen (LCD Display) Hitachi Screen (LCD Display) Hyundai Screen (LCD Display) HP Screen (LCD Display) IBM / Idtech (LCD Display) IBM Laptop (LCD Display) LGPhilips (LCD Display) Matsushita (LCD Display) Mitsubishi (LCD Display) Quanta Screen (LCD Display) Samsung Screen (LCD Display) Sharp Screen (LCD Display) Sony Screen (LCD Display) Toshiba Screen (LCD Display) Toshiba Laptop (LCD Display) Torisan Screen (LCD Display) Unipac Screen (LCD Display) NEC Screen (LCD Display).


We specialize in providing asset recovery, used computer liquidation, network equipment buyers to California cities.

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Sell Used Cisco Routers / We Buy Used Cisco Switches - California Network Liquidators


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