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Golden Surplus liquidators buys wholesale overstock, closeout electronics, surplus, dollar store and overstock merchandise. We offer wholesale dealers and resellers an online secondary marketplace to trade wholesale closeouts and surplus merchandise. Golden Surplus Liquidators specializes buying and redistributing wholesale electronic closeouts & liquidation, overstock, from department stores in the Nationwide. We liquidate electronics in pallets and truckloads. We liquidate department stores and factory surplus.

400 Metanetics Scanners BO

230 CBM 910 POS dot printers for sale BO

200-250 Itronix ix250 laptops 850Mhz

End of life R2020 Netopia Routers


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Are you interested in selling your closeout merchandise i.e. (Notebook PCs, Desktops PCs, Monitors and Projectors, Handhelds & Calculators, Printers, Digital Cameras and Televisions); we are interested in buying all wholesale merchandise and liquidation products direct from manufacturers looking to unload surplus. Sell us your discontinued inventory, retired and surplus merchandise products. Golden Surplus, business surplus auctioneers, wholesale liquidators purchase closeouts and overstock merchandise; We'll pay cash for everything wholesale. We buy surplus electronics, network hardware and used computer equipment. Sellers do not need to go through a registration process; just submit your equipment to a liquidation agent.

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Closeout Merchandise Lots Wanted!

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We specialize in providing asset recovery, used computer liquidation, network equipment buyers to California cities.

Sell Used Cisco Routers / We Buy Used Cisco Switches - California Network Liquidators


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