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Liquidators Computer Asset Recovery Services

San Francisco Computer Liquidators: Sell Your Computers (Lots Only)

San Francisco Computer Liquidators, liquidator, liquidation: Sell Your Used Computers San Francisco Computer Liquidators, liquidator, liquidation: Sell Your Used Cisco switches Sell Us Your Used Technology Equipment Inventory.  San Francisco Liquidator Asset Recovery Corporate Remarketing Services.

San Francisco Used Computer Buyer, Asset Recovery, Business Liquidation Services.

Request A Pick-up: Golden SurplusLiquidators Used Computers

Golden Surplus, San Francisco liquidators offer asset recovery services to information technology MIS managers, business and corporate companies throughout the SF Bay Area. Golden Surplus, San Francisco computer liquidators offer a RE-USE approach to managing your surplus computer and idle network equipment assets. We pay cash for working excess, surplus computer and network equipment. We can also arrange to pick-up and remove computer equipment for liquidation.

Do you have new or used computer, electronics or networking equipment to sell?   We are a bulk, large quantity lot buyer of business surplus electronics, used laptops, desktops, video game systems, iPods, digital cameras, plasma tvs and cell phones. We buy, sell and remarket used computers, network, telecom and data center equipment surplus to volume buyers and sellers in the B2b secondary IT marketplace.

ARE YOU DOWNSIZING A SALES  FORCE? Is your company undergoing a rollout of new laptops to all of the company’s sales and service field personal?  We are interested in bidding on your used laptops. Sell us your bulk used computers and off lease laptops i.e., used Toshiba laptops, (Tecra, Satellite or Portege laptops), PIII, P4 refurbished Compaq, Dell (Inspiron, Latitude, IBM (ThinkPad T Series notebooks), HP, Intel and Sony Vaio Notebooks). Golden Surplus, San Francisco PC notebook liquidators specialize in buying and selling volume notebook computers.


Liquidators Computer Asset Recovery Services




Golden Surplus, San Francisco business liquidators assist large companies in removing idle, no longer used data center equipment, computer room equipment, MIS idle network equipment hardware and computer surplus assets. We help companies helps maximize the return on their original investment by turning used equipment into cash. Serving the computer liquidation needs of San Francisco fortune 500+ companies.

SAN FRANCISCO Network Liquidation, Cisco Buyer, Juniper Networks.

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Golden Surplus San Francisco Computer Liquidation Services CA.

We offer valuation quotes on new or used, working networking equipment surplus. We help you dispose of surplus assets through our liquidation exchange secondary market of IT buyers and sellers. This is one more way that Golden Surplus, San Francisco liquidation services can help you maximize your network dollar. We buy surplus original equipment manufacturer (OEM) computer hardware excess network equipment.

West Coast B2b Exchange For Wholesale Computer Equipment.
Used computer closeouts , surplus closeout computers deals and bargains.

Golden Surplus San Francisco technology liquidators pay cash for surplus equipment. * Please note, our liquidation services are designed only for b2b dealers / business environments and we do not buy from or sell to the general public.

Golden Surplus SF wholesale asset disposition and hi-tech liquidation services are designed for leasing companies, corporations and government agencies. Interested in liquidating surplus equipment? Call and speak to an SF liquidation agent today. 866-666-0340.

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