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Golden Surplus buys Samsung surplus RAM. Submit your inventory list. We provide datacenter IT asset recovery for businesses selling Samsung RAM. Our customers include: Automotive Banking/ID Healthcare & Wellness industry sectors.


15-11961-01 M392B1K70CM0-CH9 M392B1K70CM0-YH9 M393B1K70BH1-CF8 M393B1K70BH1-CH9  

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  • M392B1K70BM1-CF8
  • M392B1K70CM0-CH9
  • M392B1K70CM0-YH9
  • M393B1K70BH1-CF8
  • M393B1K70BH1-CH9
  • M393B1K70CH0-CH9
  • M393B1K70CH0-YH9
  • M393B1K70CHD-CH9
  • M393B1K70CHD-YH9
  • M393B1K70DH0-CH9
  • M393B1K70DH0-CK0
  • M393B1K70DH0-YH9
  • M393B1K70DH0-YK0
  • M393B1K73BH1-CF8


  • M393B1K73CH0-CF8
  • M393B1K73CHD-CF8
  • M393B1K73CHD-YF8
  • M393B2G70AH0-YH9Q4
  • M393B2G70BH0-CH9
  • M393B2G70BH0-CK0
  • M393B2G70BH0-YH9
  • M393B2G70BH0-YK0
  • M393B2G70DB0-YK0
  • M393B2K70BM1-CF8
  • M393B2K70CM0-CF8
  • M393B2K70CMB-YF8
  • M393B2K70DMB-YH9
  • M393B4G70BM0-CF8
  • 15-13491-01
  • 15-13567-01
  • 15-12305-01
  • 15-12288-01
  • 15-13568-01
  • 15-13079-02
  • 15-12291-01
  • 15-11961-01


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    Samsung Delivers Its 14 nm – Readers were also interested in learning more about the nitty gritty of Samsung’s Exynos 7420 fabbed with a 14 nm finFET process, which demonstrated that Intel's lead was shrinking.

    Price Check: DDR4 Memory Down Nearly 40% in 6 Months ...The average spot price of one 4Gb DDR4 memory chip rated to run at ... This year Samsung Electronics continued its transition to 20nm DRAM ...

    Microsoft’s Munich-based Technology Center and Samsung Electronics recently “announced availability of an optimized platform utilizing Samsung’s advanced Green Memory in Microsoft’s virtualized data center.”







    We specialize in providing asset recovery, used computer liquidation, network equipment buyers to California cities.

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